Audio / Video

Audio / Video in Live Auctions

Depending on the auction audio and/or video may be available alongside the auction software. Audio/Video is meant to allow you to experience more of the live auction environment; however, it should not be taken as a substitute for the live auction software... The audio/video may experience delays and be unsynchronized with the live auction software due to internet traffic and speed. You should only make bidding decisions based on the information provided by the live auction software and not the audio/video stream!

How will I know if there is audio/video available?

Once you have launched the live bidding software, and the auction has commenced, the audio/video player will be front & center in the bidding interface. Some auctions have no audio/video, some just have audio, and some have video (and audio).

How do I play the audio/video?

Once you have launched the live bidding software if there is an audio or video stream it will start playing automatically. The audio/video player will be embedded within the bidding interface, you can pause/play the stream at any time.

I can't hear the audio!

If the auction has video and audio available and you are viewing video but still can not hear audio then check your speakers are working correctly (see below). Occasionally some auctions only have video streams and no audio.

Note you should also hear sound effects (ie. boing, and click sounds) when certain auction events occur, like when a lot is opened to bidding, and when there are new bids. If you can't hear any sound including these sound effects then the audio problem is probably due to settings or technical issues with your computer... see next item for more information.

I still can't hear any audio!

If you can't hear any audio at all, even after trying the above help topics, then the problem is probably associated with settings or technical issues with your computer.

First make sure you have speakers and they are powered on (usually they have a light indicating so), and that there volume dial is not turned down.

Second make sure the speakers are correctly connected to the computer, and they are plugged into the correct audio jack, ie. the speaker jack not the microphone jack, etc.

Third make sure your computer's sound settings are correctly adjusted. In windows you can do this by accessing the audio settings dialog from the windows [control panel]... the control panel can usually be accessed by clicking on the [Windows Start] button and then choosing the settings option and then you should see an option for the [control panel], click on the [control panel]. Once the [control panel] is displayed find the item labeled something like [Sounds and Audio Devices], or [Audio Settings], etc. once you find this item click on it to access the audio settings dialog. Make sure your audio settings are turned up and not muted.

Try testing your systems audio by playing music files, video files, etc.

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The video player shows but it does not play video!?

Some people experience problems connecting to the video servers due to internet speed or traffic congestion. If you have a slow connection you may not be able to successfully view the video stream.

Can I listen to audio without the video?

If there is only audio available then yes, your only choice is to listen to audio without video; however, if the video icon is displayed then, no, the audio and video are streamed together and you can not listen to the audio without the video.

I still can't solve my problems!

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